• InterioresIA InterioresIA
    02/03/2024, 13:11

    Fully migrated and deployed on my own VPS now! 🎉

    Both front-end & supabase.

  • InterioresIA InterioresIA
    25/02/2024, 18:00

    That script is magic. I now have:

    • 1300+ different room x style combinations

    • Which means over 2600 (EN + ES) pages ready to be indexed by Google

    • And tons of new styles for users to try out on their rooms!

  • InterioresIA InterioresIA
    24/02/2024, 23:52

    Built a new script to automatically generate new styles + image. Had it running for a couple of hours today.

    Total of more than 900 styles across multiple different room types.

    Now sitemap contains more than 2713 entries:

    • 824 blog articles (Spanish only)

    • 1886 styles (divide by two - once in English once in Spanish)

  • InterioresIA InterioresIA
    24/02/2024, 12:34


    • Translated everything that was left into English

    • Changed color palette

    • Improved base-slider to be more clear

    • More blogs generated (824 in total now)

    • Some SEO optimizations

  • InterioresIA InterioresIA
    20/02/2024, 23:19

    Almost live 🎉

    • Translated everything into English

    • LemonSqueezy store activated

    • First beta testers started using it

  • InterioresIA InterioresIA
    20/02/2024, 10:14

    Made quite some progress yesterday:

    • Deployed custom AI model - understands depth a lot better + uses SDXL now

    • Implemmented orientation fix and base 64 conversion for image uploads to fix iPhone orientation issue

    • Generated and published 350+ articles

    • Added infinite gallery loop on all pages so that ppl can just use keyboard to go left/right to increase engagement on page

    Main things to do now is:

    • Wait for LemonSqueezy store to be enabled

    • i18n to English

  • InterioresIA InterioresIA
    18/02/2024, 17:27

    Made some super good progress, very happy with it:

    • AI model is better at understanding depth now

    • Gives better overal rooms and styles (even though some look like each other)

    • Started working on programmatic SEO

    Approaching it like I approached ImagenMIA but optimized and with the learnings of the last couple of months.

    I expect to be able to get some good organic traffic from it.

  • InterioresIA InterioresIA
    16/02/2024, 13:58

    Almost ready for launch! 🚀

    The actual core feature has been ready since day one. I spent the rest of the time working on the landing page, dynamic pages and making sure I was building everything targeting specific SEO keywords.

    ✅ Done so far:

    • Over 350 SEO-optimized dynamic pages targeting different styles and rooms

    • 19 room types supported

    • 15+ styles

    • Supabase

    • Analytics

    • Blog

    • LemonSqueezy test

    • n8n workflow integrations

    • Landing page 90% ready

    • Payment & credit system up and functional

    • Backend & image generation up and functional

    • Backlinks built using other projects

    👇🏼 Still to do:

    • Waiting for LemonSqueezy store activation

    • Downloads +zoom on generation page

    • Sitemap and indexing

    • Refine and finetune styles

    • Logo

    • Generate blogs for programmatic SEO

    • Upscale some before images

    • Scroll down to generated image on mobile

    • Convert images to JPG + compress them to improve SEO

    • GSC and Ahrefs integration

  • IIA InterioresIA
    14/02/2024, 20:45

    ✅ Progress today:

    • Dynamic page mockup

    • Initial image generations to display on site

    The app is basically ready and functional. Now I am focussing on programmatic SEO to ensure I get some organic traffic in a couple of months.

    Still to be done:

    • Finish dynamic pages

    • Finish landing page

    • Translate to English/i18n (not a priority)

    • Finetune styles

    • Blog generation for SEO

    • Auto-index pages

    • Logo

  • IIA InterioresIA
    13/02/2024, 17:40

    ✅ Progress today:

    • Credit system implemented and functional

    • Initial dataset for dynamic page generation + data structure

    • Generation of living room designs in different styles

    • Image generation flow in n8n implementation

  • IIA InterioresIA
    12/02/2024, 17:29

    ✅ Progress today:

    • Supabase set-up

    • Google Auth set-up

    • Analytics done

    • Icon generated through ChatGPT

    • First implementation of credit system

    • n8n payment flow implementation

  • IIA InterioresIA
    11/02/2024, 14:27

    Had a busy couple of days again. Not a lot of time to work on it yesterday.

    But had some time today to:

    • Finetune landing page

    • Further work on image generation

    • Structure dynamic page knowledge base

  • IIA InterioresIA
    09/02/2024, 16:11


    • Landing page

    • Dynamic pages for programmatic SEO

    • Supabase connection

    • Credit-system implementation

    • Blog generation

  • IIA InterioresIA
    09/02/2024, 10:20

    Project progress going well! 🔥

    Will be focussing on building a single feature - the most important one. After that, will let SEO kick in and not work on it for a little while so I can move on to other projects

    The core MVP for this project would contain:

    • SEO optimized landing page

    • Programmatic SEO targeting long-tail keywords (articles + image displays) - aiming for around 1000 pages.

    • The backend image generation engine (almost ready)

    • Payments

    Will avoid building too much before the idea has been validated. Only after seeing a good traffic spike + initial sales, will I further optimize the project.

    🚫 That means:

    • No image storage

    • No gallery/dashboard

    • No super-advanced image-processing engine

    • No upscalers

    • ...

    Trying to avoid previous mistakes and keeping scope limited!

  • IIA InterioresIA
    06/02/2024, 22:34

    New project coming soon! 🔥

    It's another AI-based image generation project. I found some good keywords to target in Spanish again. Will be building everything based on SEO research!

    ✅ Done so far:

    • Identified high potential key-words

    • Experimented with possible AI pipeline

    • Tried out 30+ prompts

    • Bought domain name

    • Initial landing page draft