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IndieLogs enables founders to distinguish themselves with unique customizable profiles, share project updates effortlessly, integrate a changelog into their website and gain visibility & traffic through rankings.
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Trusted by 200+ founders

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Indie Logs understands that for bootstrapped founders and solopreneurs, sharing their journey isn't just about broadcasting updates—it's about telling a compelling, genuine story that resonates on a personal level.
It's about sharing the real stuff that happens behind the scenes.

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Stop letting your updates vanish into thin air. Organize your updates, stand out with your authentic story, and integrate seamlessly with your website.


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Complete the onboarding & select one of 30+ themes. After that - add the details of your first startup/project.



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They will be stored in a structured, organized and chronological way for each startup. You can use this as a journal, a changelog, or as a way to tell your startup's story in a way that resonates with other people.



Integrate it into your own site

Each startup gets a unique ID, which allows you to integrate a changelog live into your website. Everything you share on IndieLogs will be automatically reflected over there.

You can choose a different theme for each startup - ensuring it fits with your own site's styling.


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Integrate a changelog on your website in seconds

In just a couple of clicks, you get an embeddable changelog that you can add to your website. Changelogs are customizable and can be styled with 30+ themes available!


Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions about Indie Logs, the log sharing platform for startups.

  • Indie Logs is a platform that lets you share updates and progress on your startups in a simple, streamlined way. It helps build credibility and trust with your audience by showing a maintained product timeline.
  • By consistently sharing updates on Indie Logs, you can demonstrate the active development and growth of your startup, helping to keep your customers informed and engaged.
  • Absolutely! Indie Logs allows you to manage and share progress for all your startups in one place. You can create a unique timeline for each startup to showcase your journey.
  • Indie Logs offers a free tier for individuals with a single startup. If you manage multiple startups or want premium features like front-page visibility, we offer monthly or yearly subscription plans.
  • The free plan is perfect for solo entrepreneurs with one startup, providing basic log sharing capabilities. Subscription plans offer additional features such as multiple startup management and front-page exposure.
  • Startups with a subscription plan are eligible for front-page feature on Indie Logs, giving them greater visibility and reach to potential customers and investors.
  • Simply sign up on our website, add your startup information, and begin sharing your updates. It's designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, so you can start building your startup's story right away.
  • The floor is yours! Feel free to share milestones, product updates, new features, bug fixes, marketing successes, or even personal stories about how an idea came to life. Indie Logs is your space to document and broadcast every aspect of your startup journey.